Anki Vector Complete Set, no packaging, new battery - Rescue

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OEM Anki Vector Robot with All Original Accessories!

These Anki Vector robots have been rescued and need a new loving home!   RoboPros obtains injured and homeless robots and nurses them back to good health before offering them for adoption.

RoboPros Experts have cleaned, repaired, installed new batteries and vigorously tested these bots to certify they function properly including wifi and app connections as well as run time.  These bots are almost like new and ready for a new home! 

Includes rescued Anki Vector Robot with new 600mAh batter installed,  brand new OEM Charger and Cube with new battery.

All bots pass the following tests to be considered RP Certified:
Power on/Boot Up
Factory Reset
Screen Condition (No lines, missing pixels)
App Connection/User Data Reset (conducted twice to ensure proper setup)
Cube Connection (verified through app and that cube lights function)
Voice Response (Responds to voice command - excluding cloud services)
Speaker condition (beeps and boops nicely)
Camera Function (Home detection, cube detection, face detection)
Cliff Sensor Function (ensure cliff sensors are functioning)
Full Charge Run Time (Charged, run until dead - ran 3 times)

Advanced functions such as voice commands will require a subscription through Digital Dream Labs.

No OEM packaging or manuals included.

All purchases will be randomly selected from available stock. Items are used and may have minor scratches or blemishes but are in good condition and have been tested to ensure proper functionality.  All items are cleaned prior to shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Never delivered

Colin Campbell
Refurbished Vector

Very helpful. Vector works fantastically. 60min play time with new battery.

Brenna Miller
Good little Buddy

Love the fact that the used Vector robots are taken care of. That they are repaired.




Looks great and operates well! Battery life is excellent!