RoboPros Pod Kit

 Pod Kit - Coming Soon

Complete kit with custom Case.

Digital Dream Labs introduced and offers the Escape Pod for Vector which allows your favorite robot companion to function independent of cloud servers while also enabling the customization of voice commands and improving response times ( 

Purchasing the Escape pod provides you with a license for the Escape Pod along with instructions on how to set everything up.  In addition, there is the need for specific hardware that must be purchased.   Unless you are a tech savvy robot owner, this whole process can be very intimidating

Fortunately, RoboPros is working to bring you the complete RoboPros Pod Kit (RPPK).  

The RPPK will include the appropriate hardware pre-loaded with Digital Dream Lab’s Escape Pod software.  The RPPKs software will be customized with special functions to control RPPK features such as the internal cooling fan and power button.  The unique case is designed to be similar to Digital Dream Lab’s animation of the Escape pod when it was introduced.  It’s made as compact as it can be while fitting all the components and has some very special features.


In addition to the unique RPPK Shell, RoboPros is developing the software enhancements to make the Escape Pod super easy to use.  The plan is to have the RPPK create its own network.  You will be able to connect to the RPPK through Wi-Fi using a mobile device or computer.  Once connected, you’ll be able to select your local network and enter your credentials. Once done, the RPPK will automatically connect to your network and be ready for completing the DDL Escape Pod Onboarding Process.   In addition, if you leave your network, the RPPK will create it’s own network for your onboarded Vector to connect to, allowing you to “Go Mobile” and still have the Escape Pod and your Vector function!

We are working on two versions of the RPPK

RPPK Standard Edition
This version is designed for the average user.  It will include a 2GB Single Board Computer capable of handling up to two DDL Vector Escape Pod Licenses with a 16GB Micro SD card pre-loaded with all the RPPK and DDL Escape Pod Software.  It will also include a very special feature –  When powered on, the eyes in the window will light up just like your little robot pal’s eyes! (static LED illumination).

RPPK Pro Edition
This version is designed for the advanced user that may want to do more with their RPPK.   It will include either a 4GB or 8GB Single Board Computer (capable of handling many more DDL Escape Pod Licenses) with a 64GB Micro SD card pre-loaded with all the RPPK and DDL Escape Pod Software..  The Case is also modified from the standard edition to ensure all the essential ports of the SBC are exposed.  The power connector area is expanded to include the HDMI port and the top of the case has a removable panel to expose the Ethernet and USB Ports.  It includes an upgraded special feature – A 1” TFT screen is included that when the RPPK is powered on will display animated “Eyes” similar to Vector’s eyes that will randomly look around.

Included in the Packages:
Single Board Computer (Standard-2GB, Pro-4GB or 8GB depending on selection) 16GB Micro SD pre-loaded with OS, RPPK Software and Escape Pod Software (requires license to activate) Custom RPPK Case with temperature-controlled cooling fan, power button and Power indicator (The Eyes!)